Aroma Freedom Technique

One day I came across a Facebook post in one of the essential oils groups to which I belong offering a free demo class on the Aroma Freedom Technique and some of the effects of aromatherapy. First thought, “What the heck is the Aroma Freedom Technique?” Second thought, “It’s free and I’ve got nothing else to do that night, and if I could hear about something new that will support my First 3 Oils team and get out of the house…win!”


Little did I realize, the class was an hour away in evening traffic and I knew only one person there and that was just a “friend” I sort of met through other essential oils Facebook friends. Sometimes I’m adventurous and this was one of those times, thus off I went.


This class was like no other and the second we started and the instructor said, “...don’t judge whatever feelings come up, it is OK to cry here…” I was ready to pack up and make the trek home.


Out of curiosity and desire to prove that I don’t cry in front of small groups of strangers, I stayed and listened. After about 10 minutes not only was I trying to swallow the emotions that were escaping through my tear ducts, but I felt better and didn’t understand why. Since I can be a little obsessive about knowing why and how things work (especially things related to aromatherapy), I had to find out more.


The Aroma Freedom Technique is simply a way
to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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The Aroma Freedom Technique is simply a way to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It uses a combination of traditional/familiar and accepted psychotherapeutic approaches with aromatherapy as a means of interrupting negative thought/emotional patterns. We often find ourselves falling short of our goals and dreams, but not sure why. AFT shows you how to overcome the “inner resistance” that could be stopping you.


To say this technique has been life changing would be a great understatement. I’m human and get upset, but now I have a method (based on established, scientific modalities) that I can do by myself or with someone else’s help. It takes me 20-30 minutes and I don’t have to make recurring appointments with my therapist.


If you too seem to fall short in areas of your life, get upset at things that maybe you or others don’t understand and in general, want to be happier in life...let me know. I’m so grateful to have discovered AFT and I have a feeling you will be too.


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NOTE: AFT is not a replacement for traditional/familiar psychotherapy and no diagnoses are made or treated during sessions. Please consult your physician or therapists to discuss any changes to your current therapeutic routine.


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