About Us

Our mission is to foster the physical and emotional wellness of people in the local community through essential oils and service. With over 100 members, we’re here to help you realize your best life. Contact one of our leaders below!

Our Story

There must be another way.

Out of desperation and hope for additional ways to help promote and support a healthy body, I was introduced to the world of Young Living Essential Oils. It took me exactly four days to realize that the answer to our prayers had arrived. 

“It took me exactly four days…”

First 3 Oils is here for anyone that believes “there must be another way” to manage a healthy lifestyle; one that balances a life that may require both modern and ancient methods. 

Shanna Romanillos

Shanna Romanillos

Wellness Coach - Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner & Instructor

YL Independent Distributor #2441890

Yolanda Maldonado

Yolanda Maldonado

YL Independent Distributor #2578756

Ulda Veneziani

Ulda Veneziani

YL Independent Distributor #2521286

“We are about lifestyle and strengthening the body through nutrition and the power of essential oils. When we do this, the body will take care of itself. We are about self-improvement and living life to the fullest.”

~D. Gary Young